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Our swift and reliable emergency electrician service is just a phone call away. Contact us and we will take care of any electrical issues, ensuring a hassle-free experience and a secure home environment.

  • 1. Hire an emergency electrician

    Use our convenient online booking form to provide details about your electrical emergency and schedule an appointment. 

  • 2. Meet your local electrican

    A certified electrician will promptly arrive at your address equipped with all the necessary tools to diagnose the issue and restore safety and functionality at your property.

  • 3. Enjoy Fantastic results

    The professional will expertly handle the electrical problem and conduct comprehensive tests so you can enjoy again the comfort and safety of your home.

Emergency electrician you can rely on

An electrician emergency can strike at any moment, often posing risks to your health and safety. Therefore, when faced with such situations, hiring a reliable emergency electrician is crucial. 

We at Fantastic Electricians prioritise your well-being and convenience, offering swift and effective solutions to all your electrical needs. Whether it’s an unexpected power outage, intricate diagnostics, fault identification, or urgent rewiring, our certified professionals are at your disposal 365 days a year, ready to tackle any electrician emergency promptly and efficiently.

From domestic electrical installation to commercial electrician emergency, the experienced technicians will handle every task with precision and professionalism, ensuring that all electrical work is executed to the highest standards. 

From the moment you contact us until the completion of the job, we aim to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for you. Your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities, so contact us and let the experts handle your electrical issues swiftly and effectively.

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Why choose Fantastic Electricians for your electrical emergency

Ensuring the safety and functionality of your electrical system demands the expertise of qualified professionals. As a customer-focused company, we strive to provide you with prompt and reliable service and you can rely on:

Close-up of electrician's hands during installation of new light switch
  • Certified electricians with years of experience – the specialists we work with are NICEIC approved and follow BS 7671 Wiring and Part P Building Regulations. This ensures that every installation and repair is carried out in compliance with industry safety standards, prioritising your safety above all else.

  • Comprehensive services suitable for domestic and commercial properties – the 24/7 electricians are well-versed in various aspects, no matter if you need an electrical service for your apartment, house or rental property, or you want to hire a commercial electrician for your office, hotel, restaurant, etc.

  • Reliability in emergency situations – our team is available round the clock to address any electrician emergency that may arise unexpectedly. Regardless of what day of the week it is, you can count on our trustworthiness and swift response and schedule your same- or next-day appointment.

  • Dedication to customer satisfaction – your satisfaction is at the core of our service. From prompt responses to efficient electrical solutions, we always aim to provide a high-quality service that prioritises your peace of mind and convenience.

Our emergency electrician services

The team of certified and Part P-qualified electricians specialises in rapid, efficient resolution of electrical faults. Whether it's your residence, rental property, or business premises, count on us to swiftly diagnose and fix the issue. The emergency services we offer include:

Emergency electrical fault inspection - professionals conduct meticulous property inspections, swiftly identifying and resolving potential hazards right on the spot.

Installation and repairs of light fittings - from security lighting to interior and exterior fixtures, including dimmers, we handle all your lighting needs promptly and proficiently.

Re-wiring or new wiring installation - whether you want to replace the old wiring or upgrade an existing one, we've got the expertise to tackle any task.

Fitting new switches and plug sockets - we swiftly replace old sockets and install new switches to ensure seamless functionality throughout your space.

Fuse box testing and placement - If your fuse box causes persistent issues, we're here to help. The team of electricians will test and replace outdated boxes, ensuring safety and reliability.

Repair of faulty or tripping circuits - tripping circuits can be a real headache. Reach out to us, and we'll promptly repair those faulty circuit breakers, preventing further disruptions.

Electrical safety certificates - our NICEIC-registered professionals conduct thorough safety inspections and testing and provide electrical safety certifications for your peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions about emergency electrician

What is an electrical emergency?

The term "electrical emergency" refers to any situation in which there is a risk of electrocution, fire, or injury caused by a failure of the electrical system. Should you encounter electrical failure at your home or commercial property or you have concerns regarding your electrics' safety, seeking professional assistance is the safest and wisest course of action.

When should you contact an emergency electrician?

Identifying critical situations and promptly reaching out to emergency electricians ensures swift resolution and safeguards against potential hazards associated with electrical malfunctions. Some of the main instances that require immediate action are:
Smoke or burning smells - detecting smoke or a burning smell near electrical outlets could indicate a potential power surge. It could cause a fire, so burning smells and strange odours from outlets must be addressed right away.
Exposed wires or sparks - exposed wires or sparks pose significant risks, especially in households with young children. To prevent potential accidents or injuries, these issues should be addressed immediately.
Risk to personal safety - if you feel your safety is compromised due to electrical issues, don't hesitate to contact an emergency electrician promptly. Even over the phone, a qualified electrician can gauge the urgency of the situation and provide initial guidance.

How much does an emergency electrician cost in the UK?

The cost of booking an emergency electrician can fluctuate significantly based on several factors:
1. Location - geographical regions play a role. For instance, electrician rates in London typically surpass those in other regions across the UK.
2. Day of the week - generally, service rates are lower on weekdays than on weekends.
3. The time you book a service - hiring an electrician between 9 AM and 5 PM is cheaper as for appointments before and after working hours, there is a surcharge.
These variables contribute to the variance in pricing, and factors beyond these may also impact the final cost of the electrician service.

What do you do in an electrical emergency?

It is crucial to remain calm during an electrical emergency. Assess the situation cautiously - check trip switches and report any visible damage to power lines or equipment immediately. Ensure your safety by maintaining a significant distance from potential risks and advising the others in the household to stay clear of the area.
One of the most critical steps during an electrical emergency is swift action, so contact a 24-hour emergency electrician as soon as possible. Their expertise and timely intervention can effectively mitigate the problem, preventing further escalation and ensuring a safe resolution.

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